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Alacrity - Vertical Data center & workstation Relocation Services: In-situ


Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocationsVertical relocations are with a combination of indoor rigging,  expert personnel,  engineering expertise equipment is moved temporarily to facilitate physical operations. 

Vertical relocations allow major upgrades, such as floor replacement,  re-cabling, or cooling system changes,  during live operations.

We are pioneers in vertical relocation.   We have developed a cadre of proprietary tools, rigs, procedures and techniques that will, in most cases, allow your systems to stay hot, in-situ, even during major physical upgrades.

During a vertical relocation, each server, rack component, cable, and connection is carefully evaluated using our mature checklists.  An individual profile and plan of action is developed, and approved by the stakeholders.  

When the plan is implemented, by one of our certified crews, a structural engineer monitors each step.  Corrective or compensatory actions are ordered and executed on a second by second basis.  Nothing is left to chance.

Our senior engineering staff will work closely with your team, and the various stakeholders to smooth the process, from approval to after-action reporting.

Our engineering teams will work with your staff to solve your most challenging requirements.

Of course we realize that even the idea of a vertical relocation of your live systems, gives pause to say the least.   And yet, we have the experience, the references, and the insurance to assure smooth exception free operations.

Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocationsOver the last 12 months, working with IBM senior staff, we successfully performed vertical relocations on over 500 fully loaded hot racks  with zero outages.   The vertically located racks included IBM, EMC, StorageTek, Sun, Dell, and many were physically ganged into multiple rack units.

The savings, in time, and both direct and indirect costs of a vertical relocation versus a traditional horizontal relocation to a temporary site, can be enormous.

Some of our recent projects inform you of our potentials;

  • 200+ racks relocated inter-state, from power to power in 24 hours.

  • 400+active racks vertically relocated in-place, to allow complete floor replacement with zero service interruptions or downtime.

  • 2000+ workstations relocated intra-state with complete configuration conservation, in 48 hours.

  • 25 racks from power to power in 5 days, from NYC to Sussex UK.

With a fixed cost contract, we will bring an engineer led crew of 2-150 strong experienced system relocation specialists.   Our crew members average;

  • A+ 4 years for workstation operations
  • Rack certified+ 5 years for server and rack operations






Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocationsCertified

Office supply & IT technology
GSA Contract Number: GS-14F-0040K

contract period is September 20, 2000 - September 19, 2020
FSSI Contract:GS-02Q-14-D-CR0024