AES Alacrity engineering services, llc

Terms of Service :


1. Scope

Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocationsAES will implement a Customer's relocation of computer equipment by packing, loading, transporting, and unloading the Customer's systems. If contracted to do so, AES will also de-install the systems at the Customer's site and/or re-install and test the systems at the destination.

2. Tasks and Deliverables

3. Customer Responsibilities

Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocationsIn the event that  Customer purchases the above-described Services from AES, this Service Listing or SOW is incorporated by reference in and subject to the terms of the agreement which has been most recently entered into by the parties and under which  Customer may order products and services from AES ("Agreement"). AES is not obligated to perform the Services described in this Service Listing or SOW unless Customer has an Agreement with AES and has received an order confirmation from AES accepting Customer's purchase order or electronic order for the Services.

This Service Listing or SOW does not constitute an offer by or invitation to contract with AES. The Services described above are subject to availability and unless otherwise stated, are only available within the above-referenced country. Any reference to " Customer" in this Service Listing refers to the party that enters into the Agreement with AES. Such party may be referred to in the Agreement as "Company", "Customer" or other appropriate term.